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Ryan Schulte, CFP®

Ryan Schulte, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Each year that goes by, managing our finances becomes more and more complicated. With new digital subscriptions, changing tax law, new financial instruments, and all the other changes people have to deal with, it’s difficult to keep a good handle on our present and future financial situations. Add to that our constantly changing personal lives: starting a career, getting married, having kids, starting a business, selling a business, caring for agent parents, and retirement to name a few, and it can become pretty difficult to keep a good handle on our finances. Ryan has been helping families and businessowners navigate these complex situations since 2005. People often say that Ryan does a great job making things simple and taking the time to explain complex topics in a way that can be easily understood. He walks people through all areas of their financial life taking a panoramic approach to their finances. Some advisors focus on insurance and others on managing market-based portfolios. While Ryan does both of things, he also works with his clients in all areas of their finances such as buying a home, mortgage selection, car insurance, tax strategies, student loan repayment, selling a business and any other financial situation that affects their wellbeing both now and in the future.

While Ryan has clients from all walks of life, he does a lot of work with Dentists, Dental Specialists and Physicians. He teaches a financial course at Western University of Health Sciences Dental School. He has contributed to a variety of blog posts and magazines including Dental Economics and Mouthing Off, the official blog of the American Student Dental Association.

Ryan lives with his wife Tracy and their 5 boys in Gilbert AZ. When he isn’t working with his clients, he can be found at the baseball field watching or coaching his boys. Having grown up around Yosemite and the Beaches of Southern CA, you can often find him and his family hanging out in nature hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, SUPing the Salt River or surfing the beaches of SoCal. Ryan has passion for giving back to his community and has helped with community redevelopment. He graduated from Biola University in 2006. Ryan is also

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