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Intern With WestPac 

About the Company

WestPac Wealth Partners is a wealth management firm committed to assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives. Our focus centers on our clients’ visions for their future to creating lasting impact on their wealth potential. We help people in all situations – business owners, medical professionals, professional athletes, and individuals seeking personal financial solutions.

Fortune Magazine recently recognized WestPac Wealth Partners in two separate features as best places to work! First, as #1 Firm in Financial Services and Insurance to work for as well as the 7th best mid-sized company in the United States to work for. We could not be prouder of our culture! 


Our mission is to provide college “Rising Seniors” a clear picture of the Financial Representative role within WestPac Wealth Partners.

Over the course of our six-week internship, you will acquire practical experience, developing the skills essential for success in this field and gaining transferable abilities that will prove invaluable in various aspects of life.

Our firm’s mission is to create future leaders in the industry as well as the communities we serve. At WestPac, we design and implement financial strategies that are process-focused and based on sound financial principles by educating clients to make smart decisions in the accumulation, protection, and enjoyment of wealth, thereby reflecting their values, love of family, and commitment to the community.

What It Takes

  • Integrity and a desire to help others
  • Track record of success
  • Interest in financial services
  • Actively involved in campus organizations
  • Self-motivated, coachable, with confidence, resilience, and grit
  • Ambitious, entrepreneurial, and looking for career growth and development

What We Provide

  • An educational program covering four essential areas for success in the industry: Market Development, Client Process and Communications, Practice Development, and Professional Growth
  • Working directly with peers and mentors on “real world” cases, preparing illustrations for prospects or existing clients
  • Development, mentorship, and training—locally, virtually, and nationally—providing you with all the knowledge you need to build your practice with us
  • Commissions on sales made during the internship period
  • Pay for required training hours


  • Pass state licensing exam
  • Personal laptop1

If you're interested in our 2024 Summer Internship, fill out the form below!

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"I really enjoyed my internship at Westpac Wealth Partners.  The environment in the workplace was very welcoming and professional.  There were many opportunities to work with seasoned advisors and learn about how they had success in the industry.  I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the financial services industry."

- Wayne M.
San Diego State University, Class of '23

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