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Wealth Management for Medical Professionals

As a physician in a successful medical practice, your time and money are valuable. That is why one of our top priorities is to address the unnecessary risk that is present in the vast majority of physicians’ financial plans.

Many physicians that we meet have some relationship with a financial planner, advisor, insurance agent, accountant, attorney, etc. When we take a holistic view of their planning, however, most are financially imbalanced. They are often exposed to unnecessary risks from embedded taxes, lawsuits, lifestyle factors, inefficient use of assets, etc. Failing to address all of these forces places downward pressure on their ability to build wealth.

At WestPac Wealth Partners, we bring together leading professionals in the fields of financial planning, taxation, law, practice management, succession planning, and client retention. This way, we can best assist our clients in addressing these issues and helping to achieve optimal financial balance in their lives.

For a surgery to be successful, you need several team specialists available to address the various circumstances. Why would your unique planning situation be any different?

Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement can be tricky and complicated. For one thing, you have to deal with too many taxes - far more than most people.

You also must find a way to save an adequate amount for retirement. With annual limits on what can be contributed to a retirement plan (401k, 403b, 457, etc.), you need to find effective and efficient ways to save the amount you need to.

Plus, there’s the challenge of student loan debt, which can be crushing and seemingly never-ending.

Medical Professional in Practice

This is the stage where your plans and preparation can really start to come to fruition. In this stage of growing your assets and meeting your obligations, you'll see great progress in working toward your financial goals. But, to maximize your portfolio, financial planning is best considered early on. The earlier you start, the better you set yourself up for success. First, you'll want to establish solid savings. One we have your savings plan established, we shift to managing your portfolio, monitoring your asset mix to make sure it is constantly aligned with your goals, preferences, and retirement dreams. Just as it's important to perform regular health checkups, it's important to perform regular financial reviews.

Practice Owners

Owning a practice is a huge achievement and a great opportunity, but it adds a layer of complexity to your finances. Not only are you responsible for your personal finances but also you are responsible for running a business and managing your practice's finances. You have to consider things like benefits packages, retirement plans, the practice's tax structure, business strategies, and much more. At WestPac Wealth Partners, we can help you manage this complexity and grow your practice where you want it to go by taking a holistic approach to your situation to plan, execute strategies, and help you set and reach goals. 

Our Process

Our Process

Planning for retirement can be tricky and complicated, but our financial professionals help reduce stress and make your life so much simpler, allowing you to focus on your career and your life. We do the work for you.

There is no initial out-of-pocket expense, and there are no hidden fees. Our financial professionals truly want what's best for you and will do the work to make sure you are fully prepared for retirement.

To learn how WestPac can help pull your plan together and give you the clarity you've always wanted, contact us today for a no-obligation appointment, in person or via an online meeting, to see if we are a fit for you. It really is that simple.

Client Centered

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Due to laws, contribution limits, taxes, debt, and dozens of other factors, medical pension planning can be extremely daunting, time-consuming, and stressful. Fortunately, there’s a better way…We have a solution for you to simplify a successful retirement from the medical industry.

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