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Kim  Loane

Kim Loane

Chief of Staff

Kim Loane currently holds the position of Chief of Staff to the Jason Shapiro team at WestPac Wealth. She embarked on her previous journey with Northwestern Mutual in 2011, initially serving as an Administrative Assistant and rapidly progressing through various roles within the company. Her diverse experience includes positions such as Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and Director of Insurance Operations and Services for the team.

Kim ran the Encino District for Shapiro from 2011-2015. She continued to be the key team member for the most prominent team. Kim takes on the responsibility of overseeing insurance operations while aiming to provide clients with a seamless process from their initial meeting with advisors to their ongoing servicing needs. Her unwavering focus is on delivering the star service that clients rightfully deserve. When Shapiro was asked to sum up Kim in one word he said “Loyalty, she always has our back.”

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kim is a devoted mother to three adult boys – Jonathan, Ryan, and Austin. Outside of the office, she finds joy in spending time with her friends and family. Kim remains actively involved in the stands, cheering on her sons during their Sunday league baseball games. Her interests extend to outdoor activities, be it soaking up the sun and water at the beach, by a lake, or along a river. Kim embraces a love for the outdoors, a penchant for trying new foods, and a passion for travel, live music, and sporting events. Whether enjoying time with friends or exploring the outdoors, Kim is dedicated to embracing life's diverse experiences.