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Fred Abbamonte

Fred Abbamonte

Financial Representative

After attending Radford University in Virginia, I began working with clients in mortgage finance in 1998. At the age of 28 I opened a small mortgage brokerage firm of my own in Richmond VA. After the housing crisis in 2008 I pivoted, working briefly in sales leadership roles with software startups before returning to my passion in finance.

I developed a knack for consultative collaboration and coaching my clients and began growing more and more interested in protecting their interests and helping them and their families on a deeper level. I am and always have been a student of my craft and consider what I do a practice as much as a profession. I learn from each client and each interaction something that I can take to the next client.

I am at a point in my career where I choose to connect my practice with likeminded individuals looking to work with someone who is committed to earning the right to speak into their lives. I believe that investing in the financial health and protection of one’s future self and the future of their loved ones is a sign of mental and spiritual health and balance. The more we become aware of somethings worth the more of a priority it becomes to protect it.

Nothing is more important to me than the future wellbeing of my family and myself. Every interaction with every client is based on the assumption that the same feeling I have in my heart and the same fears that drive me are the exact things that motivate you. Not losing sight of this is what has allowed me to maintain success all of these years. It is never and has never been about a commission or a transaction. It is and always will be about the long-term relationship and belief in creating a strategy that protects the client’s interest and collaborating on decisions that best further the cause of that strategy.

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