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Women and Investing

Standard Deviations Podcast with Kelly Eng, CFA, Lynsey Freeman, and Dr. Daniel Crosby 

Kelly Eng, CFA is a Wealth Management Advisor at WestPac Wealth Partners. She works with her clients in all aspects of financial wealth advisory including: asset protection, wealth accumulation and financial coordination.

Lynsey Freeman is a Managing Director at WestPac, and it's her passion to teach her clients the art of money management – how to protect it, save it, invest it, spend it wisely, and enjoy it through every stage of life. 

Kelly and Lynsey joined Dr. Daniel Crosby to discuss these points:

  • What are some of the advantages of being a woman that make them uniquely suited to financial advising?
  • How might some of women’s strengths, when overextended, become weaknesses or impediments to investing?
  • In spite of women’s outperformance, surveys show that the general public believes men are better money managers. How can the financial industry begin to remedy this misunderstanding?
  • Women, on average, are less confident in their ability to manage money than men. How can we narrow this confidence gap while still retaining women’s aptitude for care and research in investing?
  • How can the financial services industry better meet the unique needs of women, both as investors and as clients?

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