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December 2020

  • Are You Tall Enough to Invest?
  • Being Warren Buffett - For Your Kids
  • Healthy Spending Today = Better Spending Tomorrow
  • The Last Thing to Do Before Year-End


November 2020

  • Block Out the Noise: It's All About Income
  • The DIY Annuity: It May Be Possible, Until It Isn't
  • Saving to Pay Off the Mortgage
  • Getting Then Giving, or Is It Giving Then Getting?


October 2020

  • Play the Center Square - and Dominate!
  • 401(k) Loans and Unemployment - a Bad Combo
  • Deposits: How Magic Happens!
  • The Household CFO: Efficient or Risky?


September 2020

  • The View From Mount Stupid
  • Non-Guaranteed Assets: In Theory and Practice
  • Has the Pandemic Locked You Out of a HELOC?
  • The Blue Zone Financial Professional


August 2020

  • Living Prudently in the Now
  • A One-Club Suggestion for Personal Finance
  • Remote Work, Nexus, and Jock Taxes
  • Technology Dilemma: When is Easier Better?


July 2020

  • Why Your "Number" is Really Two Numbers
  • Financial Insight From the Pandemic: Many Americans Didn't Make Their Beds
  • The Cares Act: Yes or No to CRDs or RMDs
  • The $10 Million American Life


June 2020

  • Surviving the Black Swan
  • Will You Lose Your Rings in Retirement?
  • A Real-Life Risk Tolerance Test
  • Not Having Insurance Makes Me More Careful (WHAT?!)


May 2020

  • Balancing Efficiency and Resilience
  • Cash Values for Retirement Income: A Case Study
  • The Special Needs Trust: A Hopeful Answer to Tough Questions
  • The Actuaries Have Spoken: TWD is Risky!


April 2020

  • The Nastiest, Hardest Problem in Finance
  • The Illusion of "Defeased Debt"
  • Backhoes and Life Insurance: When "Simple" Becomes "Simplistic"
  • A Retirement Investment that Yields 3X Happiness


March 2020

  • Pragmatic Visualization
  • The Secure Act Changes IRAs
  • Interest Rates: Is the Long Term Trend Lower?
  • The Irrational Exuberance in Men's Underwear


February 2020

  • A Sophisticated Perspective on Cash
  • The Trustee for Your Estate Plan: Choose Wisely
  • Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement?
  • Why You'll Select the Aardvark Account


January 2020

  • Eustress to Relieve Money Stress
  • Real ID and Other Important Documents
  • Gradually, Then Suddenly - In Cars
  • The Virtues of Prosperity


December 2019

  • Making a List, Checking It Twice
  • Is Now...Could Be Later...Might Not
  • When You're Saving, Save Room for Dessert
  • Have You Been "Framed" About Retirement?


November 2019

  • The Desirable Borrower
  • Keeping it Real
  • Individual Disability Insurance: A Must-Have for "Specialized Incomes"
  • A Bunch of Good Reasons to Give


October 2019

  • Finding a T-Shirt That Fits
  • Don't Be a Test Pilot!
  • The Unfortunate Phenomenon of Gray Divorce
  • The After-50 Entrepreneur


September 2019

  • Is Family Caregiving in Your Future?
  • Intentional Inheritance
  • Cash Value Loans? Gotcha!
  • Don't Compartmentalize Your Retirement Plans


August 2019

  • 8000 Days: Imagine the Possibilities
  • Don't Blame the Coffee
  • How You Doin'? (A Self-Assessment)
  • FOMO and FOL: the Same but Different


July 2019

  • Playing Moneyball with Life Insurance
  • Insight: High Income ≠ Financial Savvy
  • Dynamic Principles for a Good Year
  • The Duty of Every American: Archiving Tax Records


June 2019

  • Do You Believe? A Fix for "Dumb Money"
  • Why Are We Underprepared for Widowhood?
  • Reality Check: the Delusion of an Athletic Scholarship
  • How Life Insurance Could Extend Your Life


May 2019

  • How Savings Protect Your Investments
  • The Chart of The Century
  • Spending: The House Drives Everything
  • More Money or More Time?


April 2019

  • Stupid Rules and Principles
  • Section 199A: Unintended Consequences for Small Business Owners
  • Pirates and Password Retrieval
  • The Framing of Tax Refunds


March 2019

  • A Blast From The Past (As In 1999) 
  • "The Bank of Mom & Dad" vs. Retirement
  • The First Life Insurance Decision 
  • 4 Percent Consols: The Oldest "Active" Debt


February 2019

  • Planning for Leisure Before Retirement
  • Debunking a "Flat Earth" Theory
  • Can You Adjust Your Biological Age
  • Premium Financing: Leveraging for Life Insurance


January 2019

  • The Others in Your Retirement
  • Your 2018 Tax Return: Will You Pay More or Less?
  • Cover Your (Small Business) Assets
  • IRA. 401(K). YOYO.


December 2018

  • A Retreat to Move Forward
  • Easing Off Accelerated Debt Reduction
  • Getting to "AHA" with Whole Life Insurance
  • Can Imaginary Numbers Effect Real Change?


November 2018

  • Getting On The Right Track
  • To Buy or Rent? Your Results May Vary
  • Smart Giving
  • Remembering What You Already Forgot


October 2018

  • The Deception of the Ledger
  • Life After Driving: An Overlooked Phase of Retirement
  • In America, Anyone Can Borrow Like a President (But Should They?)
  • Who's In Your Dunbar Number?


September 2018

  • The Antidote for Irritationality
  • Keep Saving "Alive" During A Disability
  • The Backstory for "Buying The Farm"
  • Empty Nest Catch-Up Plans


August 2018

  • Is It Time to Flip the Script?
  • Keeping Permanent Life Insurance Permanent
  • College Knowledge: 136 Names for Student Loans
  • That's Funny (And True).


July 2018

  • On Fire For Retirement
  • Paid-Up Whole Life Insurance- With Just One Payment
  • Are Your Vital Records Certified?
  • Business Built to Survive Creative Destruction


March 2018

  • Re-Inventing Personal Finance
  • Auto-Enrollment: A "Nudge" Toward More Debt?
  • "Too Late Smart" About Life Insurance?
  • Three Steps to Preventing The Lost Estate Plan


February 2018

  • Who Passes Up a 400 Percent Return?
  • The Tension between Opportunities and Guarantees
  • Tax Management Can Be a Financial Emergency


January 2018

  • College Education v. Debt and Savings
  • Unintended Consequences: 401(k)s Clobber the Best Savers
  • Term Life Insurance: It's Not So Simple


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