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22 April
Student Loan Management and COVID-19


If you are like other high-income, highly indebted professionals, you are wondering what steps you can implement to manage your student loans in these uncertain times.

In this webinar, we will share ideas you can apply to take control of your student loans as well as information on changes to federal student loan law that will help as you decide what you should do next. Join us as we discuss COVID-19's effect on income-based repayment, public service loan forgiveness, and the suspension of payments and interest.

Answers to the following questions will be provided:
  • Are my loans eligible for the suspension of payments and interest?
  • How did the CARES act affect my student loans?
  • Should I keep paying my loans even if I don't have to?
  • I'm planning on utilizing student loan forgiveness and PSLF, will this hurt me?
  • How does being unemployed affect my situation?
The presentation will be concluded with a Q&A session to answer any remaining questions.

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Date and Time

Wed, Apr 22, 2020

1:00p - 1:45p PST


Online Webinar (Register via the link given)


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