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What Sets WestPac Apart As A Best Workplace

What Sets WestPac Apart As A Best Workplace

May 12, 2021

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Inc. Magazine has recognized WestPac Wealth Partners as a 2021 Best Workplace, marking the second year running that we have received this award! We are incredibly proud to have earned this recognition, especially after a year that challenged preconceived notions of what work should look like and what makes a great workplace.

Even though things looked a bit different in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing that has remained the same is our focus on people. People have always been the central focus of our efforts, and we believe that our commitment to associates, clients, and community alike is what sets us apart as a great workplace. 

Commitment to Our Associates

Changing the community and the world for the better starts from within. WestPac Wealth Partners has focused on its people since the beginning by hiring quality associates and treating them right. WestPac is proud to represent over 30 different nationalities through our diverse team of financial representatives as we hire talented and hardworking individuals who want to become the best version of themselves as they contribute to their communities. We know there is no "one size fits all" when it

 comes to creating a financial plan, and that's why it is our goal to cultivate a diverse workplace, fully equipped to provide experienced and talented advisors for every demographic. 

At WestPac, we strive to help our associates reach their maximum potential in all areas of their lives. We believe in providing our associates with all the tools they need to succeed and emphasize policies and practices that promote their health, engagement, and productivity. Frequent, in-depth trainings and readily accessible resources give our representatives the tools and knowledge they need to confidently work with their clients to design customized strategies to achieve and protect their wealth.

Commitment to Our Clients

WestPac Wealth Partners was founded with the intent of assisting clients in ALL aspects of their financial lives. Our focus centers on our clients' vision for their future to create a lasting impact on their wealth potential. Uniquely positioned to offer our clients access to one of the most comprehensive financial product platforms available today, we envision and enhance our clients' goals by designing a customized strategy and life map to achieve and protect their wealth. Recognized across the nation as one of the best workplaces, we seek to translate our incredible culture into top-notch service for our clients.

We strive to educate clients to make smart decisions in the accumulation, protection, and enjoyment of wealth, thereby reflecting their values, love of family, and commitment to the community. We work directly with clients to build their personal financial strategies, and we understand the importance of protecting what matters most. We protect our clients' todays so that they can enjoy bright financial futures surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones.  

Commitment to Our Community  

At WestPac, we strive to make a difference in our communities, looking for ways to serve through charitable endeavors and leadership. In response to COVID-19, WestPac, along with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and other institutions, donated over $60,000 to aid the Refugee Artisan Initiative in the creation of 5,834 face masks. With the help of donors such as WestPac and Guardian, the Refugee Artisan Initiative provides training, patterns, tools, and materials to refugee and immigrant women in the United States with the aim of providing steady employment through hand-crafting products from home. WestPac is committed to business owners' health and welfare, believing that small and medium-sized businesses form the backbone of America's prosperity. As part of WestPac's initiative to give back to local communities, team members reached out to local business owners, donating the face coverings needed for employees to return to work and for local businesses to reopen their doors safely amid an uncertain environment.

At WestPac, we live by the saying, "culture eats strategy for breakfast." Culture is paramount in our recruiting and selection process as well as for retention. We embrace people's differences as something positive and know that by fostering a variety of opinions and beliefs, we are better positioned to serve our clients and be a leader in the community. As a firm, we coach our representatives to get involved in their local communities and to champion associations that they believe in. We seek out good people who work hard and want to make a positive impact in their communities. 

We are grateful for each of our associates and their commitment to assisting clients in all aspects of their financial lives. We recognize that we wouldn't be where we are today without our team of talented and dedicated representatives and are grateful for their contributions in making WestPac a truly great place to work! 

Want to learn more about what makes WestPac a great place to work or want to join our team? Visit our Careers page for more information.