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Expanding Horizons: WestPac Opens Office Location in Downtown Gilbert, Arizona

Expanding Horizons: WestPac Opens Office Location in Downtown Gilbert, Arizona

June 13, 2023

Wealth management is a critical aspect of financial planning and achieving long-term prosperity. As more individuals seek professional assistance in managing their wealth, esteemed firms are expanding their presence to cater to the growing demand. In a significant development, the WestPac Wealth Partners team is announcing the opening of our 24th office location in downtown Gilbert, Arizona. This expansion not only signifies our commitment to providing exceptional services but also highlights the thriving financial landscape of Gilbert. 

A Booming Destination 

Located in the heart of the vibrant city, downtown Gilbert offers a perfect blend of urban charm and suburban tranquility. With its picturesque streets, local businesses, and a strong sense of community, it has become a prime destination for professionals and families alike. By establishing an office in this dynamic area, WestPac acknowledges the immense potential and growing wealth management needs of Gilbert's residents. 

Local Experience

In addition to the benefits for clients, the second office location in Arizona will enable our team to tap into the vast pool of local talent. Gilbert boasts a highly educated workforce and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, making it an ideal location for our firm to attract and collaborate with skilled financial professionals. This local experience will further enrich the services offered by WestPac and strengthen our commitment to delivering tailored financial strategies. 

Community Engagement 

Beyond our core business operations, our firm is committed to being an active participant in the Gilbert community. The firm's expansion presents an opportunity to forge meaningful connections with local organizations, educational institutions, and charitable initiatives. By engaging in community events and supporting local causes, we aim to foster lasting relationships and contribute to the well-being of Gilbert's residents. 

The opening of WestPac's office in downtown Gilbert, Arizona, marks an exciting milestone for the firm and the community. With our commitment to providing exceptional financial services, bolstering accessibility, and engaging with the local community, WestPac is poised to become a trusted resource in helping to achieve financial success for the residents of Gilbert. As the firm expands its footprint, it exemplifies the thriving economic landscape and growing demand for professional financial guidance in this flourishing city.


Directions to the WestPac office in Heritage Marketplace: 

366 North Gilbert Road 
Suite 204 
Gilbert, AZ 85234 

If you wish to gather additional information about our growth plans or explore our recently established workspace, feel free to reach out to Anthony Synegal via email at