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Las Vegas Annual Block Party

October 28, 2019

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Community. That is what WestPac Wealth Partners in Las Vegas is all about. On September 27th, 2019, the Las Vegas Agency welcomed an impressive 400+ guests to their front doors for their Annual Block Party, doubling the headcount from last year’s Grand Opening.

Balmy winds greeted early arrivals at the start of the party around 5 pm, lifting th mouthwatering aromas of food trucks across the entire stretch of the lot.

As a family-friendly event, a 20-foot tall bounce slide stood on the north end of the site for kids to enjoy and was complemented with a snow-cone stand and energetic music from a local DJ.

Amongst the mentioned attractions, a guest provided a stunning Rolls Royce and a sleek Jaguar F Type car to display by the front doors for others to enjoy and take selfies with.

Fiesta, an event planning company, adorned the pillar and photo stands with a beautiful arch of blue, white, and yellow balloons to enhance the overall vibe of the event as guests approached.

Travis Scribner, office manager of the Las Vegas team, was the host of the annual block party. “I enjoy doing this for our clients and the community. It’s a way of giving back and letting them feel welcomed through this experience. Our clients are like family. By doing this, they not only get to have time to meet and greet us, but they also get to spend quality time to build that relationship.”

A special thanks to Cristina Gutierrez for the meticulous planning and incredible detail placed into this event from start to finish. And a special thank you for everyone who attended to make this night memorable.