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Jason Oshins recommends "A Safe Play From the Volatility"

February 14, 2019

Please note that the information on this page is for reference only. Although accurate when originally released, it may now contain out-of-date information. It remains solely for historical purposes and is not considered current guidance. Always consult a professional regarding your individual situation.


The market has experienced significant volatility recently. Should this be cause for concern? In the article I wrote for Vegas PBS's Source´╗┐ magazine I provide context. Additionally, I answer the question, “What does tennis great Roger Federer have to with any of this?”

Now is an excellent time to evaluate your investment portfolio. Is it structured according to scientific principles? Is it truly diversified? Is the volatility you've experienced within the expected parameters? How can you tell? And, ultimately, are you taking more risk than necessary for the associated returns?

Let me know if you'd like a detailed analysis of your portfolio to answer these questions and more. Of course, with a volatile market and world, action today can have a much more significant impact on you and your legacy.

As always, I encourage you to forward this to those who matter to you and to contact me about estate, investment, and insurance planning opportunities.