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Introducing the YHHC Program

Introducing the YHHC Program

June 23, 2022

It's no secret that a healthy workforce is a productive one. In this article, we are going to share key points on how to craft a simple, balanced health and wellness program for your employees. The most significant benefits are increased morale and reduced costs. Increased productivity means more revenue which, is great for your business in lots of ways.

Health & Wellness Program to Improve Your Employees' Health and Productivity

Your employees are your most valuable assets. A healthy workforce results in better productivity and efficiency. Your company's success hinges directly on the health and welfare of your employees, so it can help develop a dedicated health & wellness program. Your Healthiest Healthy Program is a program that can help you implement strategies to improve the physical and emotional well-being of your employees.

Health is an essential factor that directly affects how employees perform at work. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey report, employees who are healthy and have good habits are happier and have better results. A study by Harvard Medical School has confirmed that poor health affects productivity and increases absenteeism. When your employees are healthy physically and mentally, their work quality is better, and they tend to be more productive. In general, a healthier workforce will make for a happier company.

Samantha Harris, Emmy-winning TV host (Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight), certified health coach, and bestselling author, has joined forces with national wealth management firm WestPac® Wealth Partners, whose local office is in San Diego, to offer a groundbreaking new corporate program. The Your Healthiest Healthy: Corporate Program is a benefits package designed to help business owners reinvest in their employees – by aiding them in becoming healthier both physically and fiscally.

"WestPac Wealth Partners is the perfect partner for this program because it's already focused on helping people live the life they deserve," Harris stated. "This program is something I wish I had access to when going through cancer treatment. It would have been amazing to have someone helping me navigate my diagnosis’s financial aspects. I'm honored to be working with WestPac, which already has such a great reputation in the community." According to Harris, "the main objective of this program is to address the root problems inherent in individuals' relationships with food, exercise, health, and finance." Harris is excited to announce that the new program gives business owners the tools and resources to help their employees implement a positive life-work integration™ model.

Harris also explains that this focus on living a balanced life has been partly driven by the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. As personal health and finances have become a prominent concern for most Americans, many people have realized that their current work-life integration model focuses too much on work and not enough on life.

Healthy Habits are the Key to Long Term Success

We all know that the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have propelled many health and well-being concerns. The direct health effects of the virus itself notwithstanding, the "second pandemic" – a term used to describe the decline in health among the general population caused by the stress of pandemic-related events – has also contributed to a host of health issues. According to the American Psychological Association, as of March 2021, 61% of American adults reported undesired weight gain, 67% noted changes in their sleep habits, and 48% of parents experienced increased overall stress levels.

Fortunately for business owners, Your Healthiest Healthy is a program that offers an easy way to provide your employees with access to health coaching, workouts, guest experts, breathwork, monthly wellness challenges, and more.

By offering this program as part of your employee benefits package, you will be able to give your team members access to a wealth of valuable tools that they can use to enhance their overall well-being. Whether they're looking for help with stress management or simply hoping to build up their immune system to ward off illness, this program will prove beneficial for both you and your employees. The program offers live, interactive weekly health coaching, workouts, guest experts, breathwork, monthly wellness challenges, etc.

Addressing Looming Financial Fears

Many people are afraid of looking at their bank account, wondering if what they're spending will get them into debt or worse. This can lead to a vicious cycle: you'll continue to feel anxious about your money because you don't know what's happening with your money. This anxiety can cause you to feel paralyzed—what if I avoid all my accounts and bills? What if I pay the minimum on everything?

Fear is a normal part of life. So how do we move forward? How do we lean into our fears and make progress anyway? The answer lies in planning and accountability.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact consumers in the United States, physical health and safety have become increasingly apparent. However, the last two years have also highlighted the importance of financial well-being in addition to physical health. In October 2021, The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 40% of American households faced severe financial difficulties in recent months, and 19% of those households had depleted their savings. Meanwhile, other economic concerns such as rising inflation, all-time highs in the housing market, and strategies for managing debt and taking advantage of market gains have surfaced.

It is more important than ever that individuals and households prepare themselves for the financial difficulties of an unpredictable future in these uncertain times. The recent pandemic has shown that many individuals are woefully unprepared to face a financial crisis, contributing to a general unease around personal finance and preparedness. This increase in stress and anxiety about finances often leads to high cortisol levels, which a multitude of studies show promotes inflammation, a known precursor to chronic diseases and other detrimental health outcomes – further demonstrating the link between physical and financial wellness.

In collaboration with Westpac, Your Healthiest Healthy provides access to several proprietary tools and resources to help individuals take control of their finances while facing the future with confidence. Healthy employees are more productive, but they also take fewer sick days and lose fewer workdays overall, which can result in increased revenues for companies. Additionally, having a healthy workplace is beneficial to a company. Consider your company as an investment: everything that leads to greater staff productivity reduced expenditures, or improved employee performance can result in a higher likelihood of achieving your business goals.


This program is an imaginative response to the unspeakable dangers confronting an increasingly sick country for people worried about their health. This seminar is the first step toward developing an innovative and highly successful strategy for differentiating their firm for corporate executives. This program can be a great option for workers seeking to regain control of their own money and better their health. Engage your corporate customers not by selling them another product but by demonstrating a genuine interest in assisting them in accomplishing their most critical objectives. And, coincidentally, one of those objectives may be a longer, better life.

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