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How to Achieve the Five F's of Life

How to Achieve the Five F's of Life

April 23, 2018

Please note that the information on this page is for reference only. Although accurate when originally released, it may now contain out-of-date information. It remains solely for historical purposes and is not considered current guidance. Always consult a professional regarding your individual situation.

When we were kids, we were often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". For some people, this question remains in their adult life. Another, possibly more impactful question that someone begins to ask themselves is, "What do I want to become?". As a person goes down this path, it naturally leads to different careers and opportunities.

Let's begin now by considering this question: "What do you want to get out of your career?" This is a question many people contemplate as they think about what direction they want to go in their professional life. Whether someone is entering the workforce for the first time out of college or making a drastic career change, it is a question everyone should ask themselves. It is a way for people to measure their success.

What are the Five F's of Life?

At WestPac Wealth Partners, our culture promotes the goal of achieving the "Five F's". This stands for Family, Fortune, Freedom, Fitness and Fun. As you'll notice, not all of these have to do with a person's professional life. To achieve the "Five F's", integration between one's personal and professional life is key. Let's break these down and talk about what each of them mean.


One of our core values is love for family. Family life is a very personal matter but having a strong and loving family that is supportive will enrich a person's professional life as well. Love for family is the reason we do what we do.

Hard work and the desire to build relationships will bring someone both monetary and non-monetary success in this business. If you work hard and love the people you work with, the future will bring you financial fortune and strong relationships.


As a financial representative of WestPac Wealth Partners, there is an opportunity to be an entrepreneur with the backing of a successful Fortune 250 company. Business owners have the freedom of a very flexible schedule, which helps provide for a balanced life.


This point is not just referring to physical fitness. This is one of our Five F's, because we believe it is important to stay fit physically and mentally. Lack of motivation and laziness are one of the biggest contributors to people failing in this business, and more generally, in life. Healthy body= healthy mind =healthy relationships.


This career is all about building relationships through communities that mean something to you. It's not work if you love what you are doing- it's fun.

Our goal at WestPac Wealth Partners is to work hard and strive for excellence. If we do this, we will be able to achieve these Five F's.