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From Me to We to Them... My Journey with These Pronouns

From Me to We to Them... My Journey with These Pronouns

November 07, 2023

The world we live in, with social media and its many platforms and facets, has introduced or instead reinforced, the era of the Selfie. Ironically, when most people post to social media to "share" with the rest of the world, the real goal of the post is not so much to share, serve, or help others but to get likes, comments, and reshares to make us feel and look better. So, in short, most Selfies, when posted to social media, are more selfish than they are serving.

I'd love to be in a position to say that this perspective is other people's problem, but as much as I'd like to say it, we all know that it's not true for any of us. I, too, succumbed to this mindset as a teenager and still occasionally revert to it. In a world where pronouns have had such publicity, the one that appears to get the most use and promotion is "me." Me. Me. ME!

This self-centered thinking comes from the natural man within, the primitive brain. However, that doesn't mean we have to continue with this mindset.Through life's experiences, many have learned that although working alone may yield quick results, working with others can be more rewarding, and true collaboration can generate greater, long term and lasting progress. Like the African Proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Reflecting on my life, I've realized that when I shifted my focus from "me" to "we," more was achieved, and we collectively advanced further in life. As I've matured, recognizing my limited time on this Earth, I've contemplated my legacy. This reflection has compelled me to think more about others and how I can positively impact their lives.

This reflection has caused me to change my perspective from "Me" to "We" to "Them." As I look at the great leaders throughout history, they were not people who lived alone, who were selfish and only thought of themselves. They managed to expand their movement to include others (the "We"), and more importantly, they were able to evolve to eventually create a campaign that was greater than themselves and able to continue long after they had left this    worth as they made it more about "Them" or for those reading (listening) to this, it was about "Us," about you and me. 

Speaking of you and me, a challenge arises in finding the right balance. There are times when we need to prioritize personal growth and self-care, while other situations demand a focus on the collective "we," and at other times, the emphasis should shift to "them," meaning the people we wish to impact.

I've discovered that the key to knowing where my focus should lie is directing it towards a higher purpose, something greater than myself. Placing my emphasis on this higher purpose (symbolized in my world by the ultimate pronoun "Him"), has enriched my life. When I have done this, it has enabled me to achieve more than I could on my own and has positively influenced the lives of those I associate with.

In the age of the "Selfie," let us remember that it's not just about "me." It's about "we" and ultimately "them," for we are nothing, much like the dust of the Earth. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and no matter how great we may think we have become in this life, we are nothing without those who have gone before us.

I love the concept that if you want to create a pie from scratch, you must start with creating a universe.

By embracing this collective mindset, we can not only go far but create a lasting legacy that benefits us all and maybe, just maybe, many years from now, others might start posting pictures of you and me instead of selfies.

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