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Diversity Fuels Results

Diversity Fuels Results

August 19, 2020

Please note that the information on this page is for reference only. Although accurate when originally released, it may now contain out-of-date information. It remains solely for historical purposes and is not considered current guidance. Always consult a professional regarding your individual situation.


Since its founding, WestPac has made working with quality people a priority. As a result of this focus, our team members naturally have various backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and traits. At our firm, we believe in celebrating our differences, recognizing that they are what help us succeed.

Our culture that celebrates differences is gaining attention around the nation. Inc. Magazine, dedicated to owners and managers of growing private companies, has featured WestPac, telling our story of diversity, acceptance, and the growth that has come from embracing what others might reject.

The attitude of diversity starts with each of our team members and grows as we work together to provide services to communities just a diverse as our people. We know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to creating a financial plan, and that’s why our goal is to cultivate a diverse workplace, fully equipped to provide an advisor for every demographic.

A big “thank you” to Inc. Magazine for taking our story of diversity and sharing it with others so they can benefit as we have from this world of inclusion and abundance.

* Use of the term advisor does not mean that all FPs of WestPac hold an IAR license to provide investment advisory services and the term Wealth Management Firm does not imply that WestPac is an RIA. All investment products and advisory services are offered through PAS, a dually registered BD and RIA.