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Building a Better World Together: Explore WestPac's New Philanthropy Landing Page

Building a Better World Together: Explore WestPac's New Philanthropy Landing Page

May 26, 2023

Recently, WestPac launched a new philanthropic landing page on our website, highlighting some of our charitable initiatives and partnerships. This page provides a platform for us to share our philanthropic goals, the impact we hope to achieve, and the organizations we support.

The landing page features information about our corporate social responsibility programs, including our donations to charitable organizations and volunteer work. Visitors to the page can learn about the causes we support, such as education, health, and poverty alleviation, and read about the positive impact our contributions have made to the communities we serve.

In addition, the page includes links to organizations we partner with, giving visitors the opportunity to explore these organizations and learn more about the important work they do. This allows us to build awareness and support for these causes, while also demonstrating our commitment to collaboration and community involvement.

Overall, our new philanthropic landing page serves as a testament to WestPac’s values and commitment to making a positive impact in the world. It is our mission to accomplish all of our objectives while serving as good citizens through our charitable endeavors and leadership. By creating a dedicated space to showcase our philanthropic efforts, we hope to inspire others to get involved and make a difference in their own communities.

You can check out our 2022 contributions by clicking HERE

A few of our Las Vegas team members participating in the Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada Walk for Wishes event.