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Best Workplaces for Parents™

Best Workplaces for Parents™

October 18, 2022

We're proud to announce that WestPac Wealth Partners has been named a finalist for the Best Workplaces for Parents™ 2022! The award recognizes companies that offer exceptional benefits, policies, and programs to make the workplace more productive for parents. 

We've been working hard to ensure our workplace is the best it can be, and we're thrilled that our efforts are paying off. We're proud of our culture and have worked hard to create an environment where people can grow professionally while being supported in all aspects of their lives. We believe that having a supportive workplace is essential for parents and other employees who need flexibility due to various circumstances.  

"At WestPac, we believe that our people are our greatest asset," said CEO Nash Subotic. "We embrace diversity and inclusion and recognize that our associates come from different backgrounds experiencesneeds, and wants. Our culture at WestPac is one of teamwork and collaboration, and we believe this approach helps us achieve our goals, which includes making our associates feel supported so they can do their best work." 

Research shows that
employees who are parents often feel less engaged at work and more stressed out than those who aren't.
This information lead us here at WestPac to develop our Life-Work Integration™ model to make it easy for parents to maintain their responsibilities at home while still being fully present in a family-friendly workplace.

We know that having a family can be not only rewarding, but also challenging, and we work hard to provide an environment where families feel supported and respected.

Mr. Subotic adds: "We want our employees to be able to integrate their work with their family life as we live in a world where all aspects of our lives truly are interdependent.”

To be named a finalist, each organization had to complete an extensive survey about their workplace policies, benefits, culture, and management practices. Each company was also required to provide supporting documentation and evidence of its commitment to this cause. 

The survey asked workers how satisfied they were with their employers' parental leave policies and how much trust they had in senior leadership. Employees were also asked if they felt like their teammates were supportive of each other as parents and whether or not they could balance work and family responsibilities effectively at this company. 

We asked some of our team members what makes WestPac such a great place to work when you're a parent, and here's what they said: 

"WestPac has embraced parents at work, which is great because I think it's important to have a work culture that supports your personal life." - Chad Wilson.

"WestPac has been flexible with me as a mother, and they've invested in me as an associate." - Bridget Farrell.

We believe that our employees' quality of life and happiness make us great, not just our revenue or profits. The fact that our employees enjoy working here so much that they would recommend it to other parents proves how much they appreciate what we do. We strive to ensure that every employee feels valued and supported at WestPac, no matter their stage of life.  

At WestPac, we believe that bringing your whole self to work is essential and being there for your family when they need you. That's why we want our associates to feel comfortable taking time off to care for their families. 

We're proud that our incredible associates and their families have said they love working at WestPac because of its culture, benefits, and perks. We'll continue to find ways to ensure that everyone is supported in their workplace environment. We look forward to continuing our efforts in this direction in the years to come!