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Best Place to Work in Hawaii

April 21, 2020

Please note that the information on this page is for reference only. Although accurate when originally released, it may now contain out-of-date information. It remains solely for historical purposes and is not considered current guidance. Always consult a professional regarding your individual situation.


WestPac Wealth Partners was just named as the best place to work in Hawaii! Hawaii Business Magazine recently ranked our office #1 on its list of the state's best places to work in 2020 in the small companies category. We are honored and thrilled for this recognition!

We are proud of this achievement; we feel that it shows our Hawaii office’s dedication to its employees and the success of the community. At WestPac, we are committed to working toward a better life for you and the people you care about. We want to be not only the best company for our team but also our clients!

Our top talent

Our Hawaii office consists of extraordinarily talented individuals, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the contributions from all of our team members. We strive to hire individuals who always strive to do the right thing for their clients and provide them with customized financial solutions. This recent recognition highlights that our Hawaii office is an excellent example of this.

We are continually seeking top talent consisting of independently minded individuals working interdependently to help our clients achieve their goals. At WestPac, they are provided with a richly rewarding work environment that fosters teamwork designed to help you—and all our clients—succeed.

To our friends in Hawaii

You can be confident that we will do everything in our power to keep you focused on where you want to go. We want to help you Protect, Invest, and Achieve—to ultimately accomplish your financial goals!

Learn more about why we were named #1 on Hawaii Business Magazine’s list of the best places to work in Hawaii. If you have any suggestions for us, or if you have any questions at all we can help you with, please reach out directly to one of our representatives, or contact us below!