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What Fine Dining, Custom Clothes and Magic Have in Common with Peak Performance

What Fine Dining, Custom Clothes and Magic Have in Common with Peak Performance

March 15, 2019

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I have a passion for working with professional athletes. Both m wife and I played competitively, and we still gravitate toward the energy and drive that any professional brings to the table. But, competing at the top level in any arena, be it sports or business, your success depends as much on your mindset as it does your physical ability.  

I'm sure that most professional athletes would agree that getting to the game is not an easy feat. "Showing up" requires long days (and nights), few vacations, and a burning desire to grind through everything that gets in the way of their ultimate goal of peak performance. 

It takes far more than natural talent to become a member of the elite few. The reality is, once you’re on top, the competition doesn’t stop; in fact, it’s even harder to remain on top. 

The world of the professional business owner or that of finance is not much different from the world of athletes. The court or field is like your balance sheet, and instead of offense and defense, you have assets and liabilities. The scoreboard is much like your current net worth, or bottom line.   

In games and matches, discipline and a desire to think long-term are crucial to success, on and off the field. Without a coach to provide real-time feedback, your chances of success drastically decrease.   

Arguably, it takes just as much work to protect what you have than it does to earn it, similar to winning a game or championship. Athletes do not stop training once they have achieved a victory. Many business owners will attest to the fact that you can lose an entire life’s earnings in a relatively short period of time if they lose sight of their long-term goals and ambitions. 

With that being said, there is always room for fun and celebration (in moderation, of course). My team and I, like all people, understand the importance of relaxation and valuable time spent with friends and family. The phrase I like to use is: “work-life integration.” A winning culture comes from having each other’s backs while having fun! Because no matter how good you think you are, you can’t win without your team. I want to win, and I know my WestPac team does, too. They know I’m counting on them. 

Many championship teams have lost their way because they couldn’t “keep it loose in the clubhouse.” You can hardly blame them. The stakes are high. And if you forget to enjoy yourself, then it’s impossible to perform at your very best – nerves and anxiety will get in the way.   

Recently, we hosted an event to allow some professional tennis players competing at the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open to enjoy an evening of magic, custom clothing, fine dining and good conversation. See some PHOTOS and a VIDEO of the WestPac team, tennis players, coaches, and business executives from the tennis industry.  

We are grateful for the relationships we’ve built in our careers and look forward too many more years of memorable evenings as we forge lasting friendships with like-minded people.