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David  Brown, MBA

David Brown, MBA

Financial Representative

I work with you to simplify the complexity of financial & investment decisions so you can focus on achieving your goals and dreams. 

During our lives, we all face many decisions that will impact our financial situation which in turn affects our ability to live our life and achieve our dreams. Having been married for over 30 years, raised 2 wonderful daughters and held multiple executive roles, our family needed to answer many of these questions: 

  • How much should we save for what's important in life?  
  • Should we buy a house? Should we sell and move to a new house?  
  • What are the best options for saving for college while still saving for retirement? 
  • What if we change jobs or employers? How does that affect our retirement, life insurance and disability insurance?  
  • Do I invest within my employer retirement plans or outside in my own investment accounts? Or both? 
  • Is my family protected if I lose my job or become sick or disabled? Or what if I die? 
  • Can I afford healthcare or long-term care as I get older? 
  • Now that I have money saved for retirement, how do I ensure I don't run out of money if I live a long time? 

Here at WestPac Wealth Partners, we work with you and follow a collaborative, strategic process to: 

  • Identify your goals and dreams,  
  • Create a clear picture of your current financial situation,  
  • Develop and implement a financial and investment roadmap, and  
  • Most importantly we are here to provide insights to help answer questions as your life evolves.  

The strategy we develop and implement together allows you to gain financial clarity and confidence, so you focus on what you care most about in your life. 

My wife, Shirlene, and I met in college and have been married for over 30 years. She is the proud owner of a personalized fitness training studio helping clients identify and achieve their fitness goals. She loves helping people live a healthier life. Our oldest daughter Kendra lives in Las Vegas and is recently married. She works for the Las Vegas Raiders and loves the energy of the Valley. Amanda is finishing college at Boston University this year and will be looking for a job where she can make a difference in our world.  

Shirlene and I enjoy traveling to new places, cooking and eating good food, staying active, hiking, and playing golf. I am a WSET certified wine enthusiast and love to learn, talk about, and share wine with friends and family. 

I look forward to meeting you and if you want to talk about money, finances, family or work, please give me a call or email. And if you have some great travel, food or wine recommendations I can't wait to hear about them!  

Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. WESTPAC WEALTH PARTNERS LLC is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian. Insurance products offered through WestPac Wealth Partners and Insurance Services, LLC, a DBA of WestPac Wealth Partners, LLC.CA Insurance License #4275559|2023-151701Exp.02/25