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Thank you for visiting our Nickels Dimes and Dollars page. We have provided a few interactive videos to enjoy. If you have found our book or videos helpful and want to share this with a child in your life, feel welcome to complete the form below; the advisor who gave you the book will get you another copy.

How Important is Money?

Money has a significant impact on our lives as it can offer us various opportunities to learn and try new things, provide us with independence, boost our confidence, and offer financial stability. Moreover, it can also help us make a positive impact on others' lives and contribute towards society's betterment. Money is a helpful tool that can make our lives fulfilling and secure in many ways.

Goals and Planning

This video presents five smart planning tips to help individuals achieve their goals faster and easier. It acknowledges that both young and adult individuals may struggle with getting started but assures that the tips can assist them. The tips include learning about the desired skill, setting goals in short-term, medium-term, and long-term timeframes, getting organized by writing down goals and planning steps, taking action based on the plan, and analyzing progress for future improvement. The script also mentions that financial resources can facilitate goal attainment but emphasizes the importance of the core process regardless of the goal. Overall, it provides concise and valuable advice for reaching goals successfully.

Managing Money

This video provides five effective planning tips to assist individuals in achieving their goals. It addresses the common struggle of starting and assures viewers that these tips can help. The tips include learning about the skill, setting short, medium, and long-term goals, organizing goals and steps, taking action, and analyzing progress for future improvement. It emphasizes the core process over financial resources and offers valuable advice for successful goal attainment.

How Do People get Money?

People's age and activities influence their methods of earning money. Common ways of making money, include jobs that exchange skills for wages, owning businesses, and investing in stocks or real estate. Children and teenagers can earn money through chores or part-time jobs. Earning money requires effort, dedication, and sometimes risk-taking. It's important to understand money's value and financial management for purchasing, saving, and enjoying life.