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If you're a successful attorney, you're busy...

Being an attorney is demanding. You have billable hours, clients to meet, clients to retain, and of course, you have to consider where your next client will be coming from. All of this, while staying on top of your game with the latest changes in the law, trends in the market, and staying on top of your CLE credits, makes for a full schedule.

This all combines to make it incredibly difficult to find time to manage and grow your assets. It's because of this challenge that so many attorneys choose to take their own advice and work with someone who specializes in the asset protection and growth.  

It can be hard to find the time to develop a successful practice that will allow for a successful exit and retirement strategy. We understand that taking all the necessary steps on your own can be incredibly challenging. Think about it - when was the last time you sat down and worked on your plan? Most attorneys have a difficult time passing up billable hours for planning hours.

To combat this difficulty, you likely work with multiple professionals, such as accountants, insurance agents, and/or financial planners. However, they probably haven't all come together in one room to discuss how a decision made by one of them will affect your overall financial picture.

That's where we come in. We help coordinate the efforts of everyone involved to make sure that you and your practice receive all of the guidance you deserve.

Client Centered

What's your time worth?

Because of your expertise and education, you give professional counsel to your clients. But who's giving YOU counsel? We specialize in helping attorneys like you protect and invest so that you can be financially organized and maximize your wealth.

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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

As an attorney, your path for growth is one of these options: billing for more hours, super-billing, expanding your practice to include more paralegals, or investing in other business opportunities. Most attorneys we work with engage in a mix of these options. However, none of this matters without a proper plan to protect what you already have.

We believe a properly structured asset protection plan should protect you from taxes, lawsuit, and divorce. To minimize your risk, we help you identify your options, find the right insurance coverage, protect your assets with trust documents, and utilize estate planning. Contact us below for more details on Asset Protection Planning.

We have also written a blog article about using business dollars for personal expenses. Check it out!