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Register for the upcoming virtual webinar about how to move in the
business owner space. Learn from WestPac’s business owner himself 
CEO, Nash Subotic
on how he led WestPac's team to reach $42M in revenue in under 16 years.

What You Will Get From This Webinar

What You Will Get From This Webinar

  • Future of financial advisors
  • How to differentiate yourself
  • Why be in the business owner market
  • Building your business with business owners
  • How your protection & investment business grows while working with them
  • Key services and concepts business owners want to talk about
  • How to get started

No Registration Fee For This Event

<br/><br/><br/>Webinar Date Options:<br/><br/>April 26th, 1:00 pm PST <br/>April 28th, 10:00 am PST&#160;<br/>

Webinar Date Options:

April 26th, 1:00 pm PST
April 28th, 10:00 am PST 

About Nash Subotic

About Nash Subotic

Nash founded what would become WestPac Wealth Partners in September 2007. Despite the financial crisis unfolding on Wall Street, he felt it was a great opportunity to start his own wealth management company and acquire clients that were unhappy with the performance of their previous advisors.

Starting with just three reps, WestPac has grown to more than 270 team members in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Arizona and Hawaii. It’s truly a case of entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs, where all are interested in the success of their clients. Today, WestPac Wealth Partners has over $2.5 billion of administered assets, over $173 million of recurring in-force premium, and has seen more than $1 billion of clients’ life and disability claims paid, making it one of the fastest growing financial firms in the United States.

As a Chief Executive Officer of WestPac Wealth Partners and Affiliates, Nash oversees the strategic direction of the firm, talent acquisition, and works with high net worth clients.

We've provided the most personal service available, thus earning a quantifiable reputation for excellence in our industry. For each of our clients, we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence.

We aim to enable all associates to reach their maximum potential, even beyond that which they currently believe they can achieve in all areas of their life. We do this with a mission of Work-Life Integration & trade; not Balance as we find C.A.P.® CAPABLE advisors who are willing to be held ACCOUNTABLE as we coach and lead them to develop a PIPELINE as they build a business based upon meaningful, long-term client relationships.