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4 Keys to Being Successful


Tools to Learn, Adapt, Adopt, and Go Forward!

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20 Minutes

Q&A Session

We don’t have employees; we have associates that we treat like business owners. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who have strong relationships and are looking to implement our proprietary, proven marketing strategies to gain access to local associations’ vertical markets.

Join this complimentary webinar as WestPac Wealth Partners CEO Nash Subotic will walk you through the most important points to consider with a career in the financial services industry as well as how you can apply at WestPac. Plus, you'll receive complimentary access to one of our proprietary employment tools that will help you on your journey for a dream career.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to...

Join us for a complimentary webinar to...

Learn the four essential attributes of successful leaders

Gain insight into what CEOs look for in candidates

Learn how to apply for a position at WestPac

Receive a complimentary tool to help you clarify your objectives