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In-Person, Conference For Financial Representatives

How to sharpen your marketing message and cut through the noise

Between managing client accounts, filing countless documents, and managing a referral network of specialists, your job can quickly move from a career to a chore.

Taking the guess work out of winning more ideal clients

Many of today's business-building activities are outdated and just don't work. For example, the outdated referral model actually COSTS you business instead of helping grow it!

The secrets to creating quantum growth

Using the information you share, we focus on your objectives and assess your current situation. A blueprint of your current wealth status will be created to analyze your financial strategy, identify potential inefficiencies, and project likely outcomes of your current courses of action. This is a time for clarity, exploration, and growth as you begin to realize the wealth of possibilities that exist for the future you are creating.

Understanding and developing the mindset of a top producer

Most advisors spend so much time working IN their business that they neglect working ON their business. And that is the difference between a business that thrives and one that flops.

How to find and break into the most underserved space in the industry

The way we do business is changing rapidly, so you must adapt if you want to succeed. Our Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean approach to a relatively untapped market will position you to be the advisor you wanted to be when you got into this business.